Medical and Surgical Services

CLAPP General Hospital (CGH)

Introduction and achievements

A PREMIER CLEFT CENTRE IN PAKISTAN CLAPP started Free Surgeries Program for Cleft Lip & Palate patients at Punjab Medical College, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad in 2003. CLAPP shifted the Cleft program to Lahore in 2005 to expand its horizon. Initially free surgeries were performed at Gulberg Hospital, Gulberg Lahore from 2005-2007.

Later, an initiative was taken in 2007 to develop a Cleft Centre at Lahore and a rented building was renovated to start free cleft surgeries. Edhi Foundation Karachi, Pakistan provided 82,000 US$ for this new project and 99,000 US$ were raised from generous donors of Lahore & Faisalabad.
Clapp General Hospital (CGH) is the flagship project of Clapp trust. First free surgery was performed at Clapp General Hospital on Jan. 29th, 2008. Since then more than 11,000 free surgeries have been performed in this hospital at 932-C, Faisal Town, Lahore.

The hospital is equipped with modern surgical facilities and supported by a team of highly skilled Plastic Surgeons, Anaesthesiologists and paramedical staff. Over the years, CLAPP has made significant progress in the management of Cleft Lip & Palate and has operated more than 27,000 cleft patients totally free since 2003.

During the years CLAPP Hospital has earned its reputation as world number ONE hospital in performing highest number of free Cleft Lip & Palate surgeries in particular calendar years. CLAPP provided free Cleft surgeries to 4,222 patients in 2010, 3,967 patients in 2011, 3,625 patients in 2014 and 3,430 patients in 2015. This is the highest record of free surgeries by any hospital/team in the whole world in one year.

Follow-up of patients after free surgeries has been a major issue for most of the organization working for Cleft patients. CLAPP Trust has a very good system of follow-up for the patients at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months. CLAPP Team continuously remains in contact with the patients after their surgeries and guides them tin a timely manner. It is a major contribution of CGH to bring these patients back to their normal lives.

Patients operated by CLAPP

13,945 Patients in 140 Outreach surgical missions in Pakistan 959 Patients in 6 Outreach surgical missions in Afghanistan 12,065 Patients at Clapp Hospital Lahore and Faisalabad.This Cleft Centre is the only hospital in Pakistan providing Cleft Surgeries, Speech therapy and Cleft Orthodontics, free of cost to all deserving cleft patients.

How does CGH facilitates the Cleft patients

At CGH deserving patients are operated free of cost. They don’t pay a single penny to the hospital, even postoperative medicine is also provided to the patients. In some cases, traveling cost and food is also provided to the needy patients. CLAPP believes in serving the humanity.

We believe that “Speaking and Smiling is the divine right of every child”.
CLAPP General Hospital also provides free surgical treatment to the patients of Post-Burn Contractures.

Outreach Surgical Cleft Missions conducted by CGH

In cleft missions, we help the patients at their doorstep.In order to help the deserving Cleft patients at their doorstep, Free Cleft Missions were started in remote areas of Pakistan in 2004. A team of highly skilled Anesthesiologists, competent Surgeons, Operating Room staff and supporting personnel was developed to cater to the growing needs of Cleft missions in different areas of Pakistan and Kashmir. Lately CLAPP has extended its services to the neighboring Afghanistan as well.

Surgical Cleft Missions Abroad

Realizing the problems of War damaged country with no facilities for cleft surgeries, we started Cleft Mission at Estiqlal Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan in April 2013. Since then six Cleft missions have been carried out where 959 Cleft patients were operated. Speech Therapy Services are also provided to the Afghan patients.

“We are very grateful to CLAPP and its volunteers to travel all the way from Lahore (Pakistan) to Kabul to provide free surgeries to hundreds of Cleft children in Kabul. Many of these families have travelled for more than 2 days to reach Kabul to get operated. Ministry of Health, Kabul appreciates the selfless services of CLAPP team members with a humble request to please continue these missions in the coming years.”

Mr. Qamaruddin, General Director Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan; December 2013

Rwanda, Mexico and Philippines

So far, CLAPP has coordinated with OperationSmile USA to provide free surgeries to Cleft patients in Rwanda, Mexico and Philippines add Pictures of Cleft missions in Rwanda, Mexico and Philippines

Continuing Medical Education & Training (CME)

The worldwide demand for cleft surgeries is staggering and can only be met if we develop our teams both in quality and in numbers, and keep striving for a self-sustaining system. CLAPP can only meet its goals if we expand our models, and build public/private partnerships (national & International) as well as additional infrastructure.

CLAPP strongly believes in continuing medical education and training to the young Surgeons, Speech Therapists and Cleft Orthodontists.

CLAPP has organized Seven international Symposium for management of Cleft Lip & Palate in 2004, 2005 at Allied Hospital, Faisalabad and in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 at Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore. World renowned Cleft Surgeons from Taiwan, USA, Malaysia, South Korea and Pakistan were the Faculty members and trained hundreds of Surgeons of Plastic, Maxilla-Facial and Paediatric Surgery, Orthodontists and Speech Therapists.

Surgeons from Afghanistan have been trained also for Cleft surgeries at our hospital in Lahore.

CLAPP is the Premier Resource for training & continuing medical education for Management of Cleft Lip & Palate in Pakistan.

Research Projects

Ongoing research on various aspects of cleft deformities is must and is being done under the supervision of Prof. Ghulam QadirFayyaz.

Some projects have recently been completed to find the best procedure for each cleft type. Following is the objective of recent studies,

Continuous versus Interrupted sutures in Palate Repair.
Management of VPI with or without Pharyngeal Flap in Primary
cleft palate patients of age six years or more.