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Ryan Shah

Riyan Shah was a baby girl who was born with Bilateral cleft lip and palate deformity. After her birth some guests from the family visited her home and after looking at her face gave very nasty comments, ” The condition of baby must be the result of sin committed by her parents. Due to these comments her parents became very much upset and frustrated. They started hiding Riyan Shah in the backroom whenever anyone used visit them to avoid any distressing remarks. Ultimately the family got some information about CLAPP and then they visited CLAPP Team at Gulberg Hospital, Gulberg, Lahore. Prof. Ghulam QadirFayyaz performed the surgery of Lip of Ryan Shah at the age of 3 months. After surgery when their relatives and neighbours saw Riyan Shah, they again commented and said that this is not your original child, you must have replaced it with someone. At the age of nine months, her Bilateral Cleft Palate was also repaired. Now Ryan Shah is getting education in school and enjoying the life like a normal child without having any discrimination.


Ibrahim was born with Left sided Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate deformity. His parents were worried due to his Cleft problem. They were referred to CLAPP Hospital by Prof. Altaf Hussain Rathore where Prof. Ghulam Qadir Fayyaz examined Ibrahim and performed his Lip surgery at the age of 3 months. His parents became very happy on his successful surgery. Later on when Ibrahim was 1 year old, his palatal surgery was performed by CLAPP Team at Gulberg Hospital Lahore. Ibrahim is now 6 years old and studying in the school. No one can identify him (as he was previously a cleft patient) by looking him from a distance. His voice is so clear that it is not possible by anyone to judge that he had Cleft palate . He is now a normal child who lives happily with his parents without any discrimination.

Abdul Ghafoor

Mr. Abdul Ghafoor (aged 35 years) a left sided Unilateral cleft lip patient visited Prof. Ghulam QadirFayyaz at Faisalabad in 2004. He got information about CLAPP through a pamphlet distributed by the CLAPP Team in the rural area of Jhang district. Prof. Dr. Ghulam QadirFayyaz performed his Lip surgery which was 3 hours long. After Surgery when he went back to his village, no one recognized him. He had to tell them I am Abdul Ghafoor, because everybody used to see him as a Cleft patient and when his lip was fixed So Good, People had some difficulty in recognising him. No one can judge him now that previously he was a cleft patient. He became more confident after his surgery which brought a very positive change in his life. He got married after surgery and started living a normal life. He now participates in almost all the functions of CLAPP as a Celebrity.


Laiba was born with Cranio Facial deformity in a remote village near Kohat, KPK, Pakistan. Her parents approached CLAPP and requested for help. Laiba’s pictures were sent to Noordhof Craniofacial Foundation(NCF), Taiwan for guidance and help because at that time there were no facilities to treat craniofacial patients in Pakistan. In 2009 Prof. Philip Chen, along with the Executive Director of Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Ms. Rebecca visited CLAPP Hospital Lahore. They examined Laiba Bibi at Lahore and decided to operate her at Cranio-Facial Centre of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan. After 2 months baby Laiba went to Taiwan with her parents for her Life Changing Surgery. During her 1st surgery, Neuro Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons participated and reduced the wide gap of her face. In her 2nd surgery, Plastic Surgeons reconstructed her Lip. She was kept under observation for two months in Taiwan. Later her palate was repaired in the next visit to Taiwan. All expenses of her surgery, travelling and accommodation have been born by Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, Taiwan. In June 2014, CLAPP Team and officials of NCF, Taiwan travelled to Kohat to meet with Laiba and her family. Everybody was so happy to see Laiba Bibi playing with her friends. Laiba is studying in a local school now. She has many friends and plays with them just like a normal child. She wants to be a teacher after completing her education.