Surgical Cleft Missions Abroad

Realizing the problems of War damaged country with no facilities for cleft surgeries, we started Cleft Mission at Estiqlal Hospital, Kabul, Afghanistan in April 2013. Since then six Cleft missions have been carried out where 959 Cleft patients were operated. Speech Therapy Services are also provided to the Afghan patients.

“We are very grateful to CLAPP and its volunteers to travel all the way from Lahore (Pakistan) to Kabul to provide free surgeries to hundreds of Cleft children in Kabul. Many of these families have travelled for more than 2 days to reach Kabul to get operated. Ministry of Health, Kabul appreciates the selfless services of CLAPP team members with a humble request to please continue these missions in the coming years.”
Mr. Qamaruddin, General Director Public Health, Kabul, Afghanistan; December 2013

Rwanda, Mexico and Philippines
So far, CLAPP has coordinated with OperationSmile USA to provide free surgeries to Cleft patients in Rwanda, Mexico and Philippines.