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Patient’s history

First the history of the patient is taken and all the information is gathered. How many children in family, at what number is this child in family, when was child diagnosed for the hearing loss.

Family history

History of hearing loss in family, in mother or father, in immediatefamily, is this cousin marriage, and any other medical condition in family. How and where hearing test have been performed earlier and any hearing aid usage.

Speech history

The current level of speech and language are checked.

Cause of Hearing Impairment and Hard of Hearing.

This can happen at any age or time, due to

  • Heredity (Family History).
  • Recreational noise.
  • Ototoxic medications.
  • Occupational noises.
  • Aging
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction,
  • Degeneration of inner ear structures occurs over time….
  • Building up of wax in the ear
  • Ear infections. (Otitis Media Effusion).
  • Ruptured eardrums.
  • Excessive noise exposure.
  • Inner/middle ear diseases.
  • Head Injury

Case History

Case History is taken of the patient and as per the form all the information is gathered. Then patient is guided about the test procedures that will be followed after the guidance.


External ear is checked with Otoscope, and then ear canal is checked and observed for any wax, or seepage of fluids and the condition of the tympanic membrane for any perforation or any Scars.


It is preformed to check the function ofmiddle ear bones, the function of the Eustachian tube and tympanic membrane.

Pure Tone Audiometry

It is performed, from 250 Hz to 8000 Hz and from – 10 dB to 120 dB is checked and verified. In PTA, following tests are also carried out as per child.

  • Play Audiometry.
  • Speech Audiometry.
  • Distraction Test.
  • Aided and Unaided test.

Auditory Brainstem response

ABR is carried under sedationout on children from age 03 months up to 4 years old After the test results are discussed and as per the hearing loss,hearing aid and its types adequate for each patientis recommended. Ear impression is taken and after receiving the ear mould, the hearing aid and ear mouldare fitted. The family is advised to take care of the hearing aid.

The Audiology Equipment

We use the following equipment;

  • Siemens SD 270 diagnostic clinical audiometer.
  • Tympanometer is. Amplivox Otowave 102.
  • Pilot Blankenfelde Diagnostic A.B.R.