Story of Subhan

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Story of Subhan

When Subhan was born at a maternity home, his father (Muhammad Irfan) was at his workplace. When he got the information about birth of a son, he was very much delighted and reached there immediately. When he saw his son with complete cleft of Lip & Palate, the joy of having a son was diluted too much. His mind was moving a very fast speed, how to get his son appear as a normal boy. He was not even aware that this deformity can be treated or not. If treatment is available, how can I afford the expenses from my meagre salary. He was very much worried about the future of his son and suddenly he felt a hand at his shoulders. The doctor who delivered the baby told him that there is a hospital in Faisal Town, Lahore which is dedicated to cleft lip & palate surgeries and you should go there and get your son examined.

Few days after discharge from the maternity home, Muhammad Irfan took his son to the Children’s Hospital ( run by provincial government). He wanted his son to get the best of treatment. There was great rush in children’s hospital, after waiting for one hour, his son was examined the medical staff. The medical staff told the father that due to long waiting list at children’s hospital, they will have to wait for 16 months to get the Lip & Palate fixed by surgery. His worries continued to be higher and higher. He then thought of advice of the doctor at maternity home. Coming out of Children’s hospital, he turned his bike towards CLAPP Hospital. After asking some people in the nearby area, the family reached CLAPP Hospital Faisal town, Lahore. Father was very much worried that it is not a government hospital and he may be charged to pay thousands of rupees for treatment of his son. When they entered the hospital, and contacted the reception. Family was asked to wait for a while.

The kid was examined by an orthodontist who took measurement of the defect of the palate. Irfan was told that hospital will send the measurements to a dental lab to make a palatal plate/obturator. When the obturator is ready, the family will be informed on phone. Irfan was thinking that he will now be asked to pay thousands of rupees. However he was totally amazed to hear that the family can go home and wait for our call. While coming out of the hospital, Irfan was consistently thinking of, was he in a dream state that he has not been charged at CLAPP Hospital.

After three days, CLAPP Hospital called Irfan to bring his son so that palatal plate/obturator can be fitted to the upper jaw bone. His wife was told how to remove, apply and clean the obturator. Weight of the kid was measured and noted in the record. The family was advised to visit CLAPP Hospital every two weeks to review the palatal obturator. At each visit the kid was examined by the doctor to check the chest sounds and general fitness for surgery at three months of age. At three months of age, Subhan was admitted in CLAPP Hospital for surgery to fix his cleft lip. Pictures were taken before surgery. Anesthesiologist examined the kid in detail before surgery. Surgery was performed under general anesthesia by a Plastic Surgeon; it took one and a half hour to complete the surgery. After surgery was completed, kid was shifted to recovery area for extubation and awakening. Kid was handed over to the mother after he was wide awake. When the mother saw her son, she had her eyes full of tears, she could not believe it that his son’s upper lip has been fixed so good. She was wildly kissing her son’s cheeks. When the father looked at his son, he was too happy to control tears in his eyes. Next morning, kid was discharged to go home and asked to come back after one week for removal of sutures. After removal of sutures, mother was advised to do massage of the scar for six months.

The family kept on visiting CLAPP hospital every month to get the kid examined. At 9 months of age, palate was also repaired under general anesthesia. Palate healed nicely in 3-4 weeks time. The family was advised to remain in contact with CLAPP Hospital so that any help can be provided when need arises.

CLAPP’s team visited the family’s home last month to enquire the wellbeing of Subhan. The Mother was so thankful to the CLAPP Hospital, we told her that the surgery of her kid was sponsored by Cleft Kinder Hilfe, Germany. She was consistently praying for the wellbeing of all donors of Cleft Kinder Hilfe, Germany and very much appreciative of the support provided for thousands of kids at CLAPP Hospital. Father of the kid told us that he was doubly worried; to get his son operated by the best team as well as to take care of my wife who was very upset at birth of this kid. But all is well that ends well. We are now a very Happy Family, thanks to CKH & CLAPP.

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