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Story of two sisters Kiran & Saba

Manzoor Ahmed from Misri Shah, Lahore got married 28 years back, there was no issue in first three years. In fourth year, when his wife got pregnant, he was very happy and starting counting the days to welcome the baby. when the baby was born, he was informed to come to the hospital. He was very much delighted that he would see bis baby girl and welcome her with open & warm arms. But when he saw her face, the upper lip was cut and palate inside the oral cavity was also cut into two halves. His happiness to have a daughter was mixed with sorrows and worries, how to get the kid operated. They had very little resources to afford the surgery costs.

However the family borrowed some money and the baby was operated for Cleft Lip at a private hospital in Lahore. However there was negligible improvement in her lip. The teeth were also mal-aligned, so she was taken to another hospital where dental braces were out in to get the teeth alignment. Later she was admitted to another hospital for Palate Repair. The palate was repaired but she developed a hole in the palate. She had nasal regurgitation, with great difficulty to eat and drink as everything go into the nose and then comes out of the nose. Her mother was weeping while sharing the tragedy of her daughter, with the team members of CLAPP during visit to their home.

Later one lady from the neighborhood informed the mother about CLAPP hospital where all treatment is provided free to all deserving families. The lady told the mother that one of her family members was operated for Cleft Lip & Palate at CLAPP Hospital with very good outcome. CLAPP hospital didn’t charge a single penny for the complete treatment. Kiran’s mother was very much sad that she has spent a good amount of money on treatment of Kiran with minimum benefits. The mother of Kiran, asked the whereabouts of CLAPP Hospital from the lady. When Manzoor returned home from his job at the evening, his wife shared the information of CLAPP Hospital, provided by the lady from neighborhood. Manzoor told her wife that we will visit CLAPP Hospital tomorrow morning to see if we can get our daughter get Re-do surgery for Cleft Lip & Palate.

Next morning, the family visited CLAPP Hospital at 932-C, Faisal Town, Lahore, contacted the reception desk. Kiran was examined by the medical staff in detail. History of previous surgeries was noted. Multiple surgeries (with no benefit) lead to more and more scarring, reducing the chances of success in next surgery. Pictures of Lip & Palate were taken, she was asked to come back for surgery after 2 days.  Lip & Nose Revision Surgery was executed, with good improvement. After looking the results of this surgery, the mother became quite confident that palate of her daughter will also be repaired adequately. Now Kiran is undergoing orthodontic treatment to get her teeth aligned. Soon she will be able to pass her life as a normal person.

After Kiran was born, one more daughter and a son were born normal with no physical deformity. However the last daughter was born with Cleft Lip & Palate. The mother told with tears in her eyes, that after the last daughter was born with cleft lip & palate, people in the family & around talked too much against her, accusing her to be responsible for birth of cleft daughters. This daughter named Saba was also ill-treated by doctors in the same way as the elder daughter Kiran. Manzoor Ahmed told the CLAPP team that he did his best to get Saba better treatment. She was admitted in a private hospital for surgeries of the Cleft Lip & Palate but no benefit after spending good amount of money (borrowed from friends). Manzoor told us that he came to know about CLAPP Hospital too late otherwise his daughters would have been in much better condition.

Saba was also brought to CLAPP Hospital where she was examined by the medical staff and her pictures were taken. Her Lip & Nose were revised by Plastic Surgeon under general anesthesia. Her face has improved tremendously after the surgery.  Later after a period of three months, Re-do surgery was done for palate as well. Parents of both Kiran and Saba are so grateful that their daughters have a new life after being operated at CLAPP Hospital. They are praying for well being and prosperity of donors of Cleft Kinder Hilfe, Germany.

Pictures of Kiran Before Treatment 

Pictures of Kiran After Treatment

Pictures of Saba Before Treatment 

Pictures of Saba After Treatment 

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